Over the past 2 decades, there have been an increasing number of men with problems dealing with low testosterone levels.  In a new study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, it has been concluded that just in America, this whole predicament has been prevalent; although reasons may be unclear at this point, the study cannot point out aging, nor obesity or smoking, factors which usually takes the blame for this problem, are major culprits of the steady decline of testosterone in men.

What is sure is the detrimental effects of testosterone decline. This includes reduce in interest of men in sex (pretty unbelievable, but for the men out there, this screams nightmares). Did I also mention that along with the already big problem of loss of sexual appetite, there is also physical and mental lethargy and increased body fat? I don’t think that is something that I want to experience – not now and not anytime soon.

There are various methods in battling testosterone decline, and one in particular is testosterone replacement therapy. But with its side effects and arm-and-leg cost, one couldn’t help but wonder if there is a more natural and economical alternative to this. Fortunately, there is one herbal supplement out there that can help tremendously in normalizing testosterone levels.

If you have seen advertisements out there for pills that boost men’s sex drive, then Tongkat Ali might not be an unfamiliar name to hear. Eurycoma longifolia jack, also known as Malaysian ginseng, is a kind of herb that is endemic in Malaysian rainforests. Being very popular in traditional medicine, this plant is helpful in promoting libido and hormone production in men. Besides increasing testosterone production in men, here are some noteworthy benefits of Tongkat Ali.

Uses Of Tongkat Ali

  • Increases Male Hormones And Promotes Male Fertility

Use of Tongkat Ali stimulate libido and increases testosterone levels in men. It also significantly improves semen quality to normal levels, determined by semen volume, sperm concentration and motility. Others even reported their experience in improved sexual performance as Tongkat Ali also promotes stronger erections. Oh did I mention that it increases the size of your sergeant down there?

  • Promotes Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

If the benefits of this root in your sex life are not enough for you to try this out, which to be honest is not likely, what might interest you is the ability of the root extract to shed fats and boost muscle gain.

As this magical herb helps in increasing testosterone levels, it also helps in decreasing cortisol levels in the body. When it does, the body goes into the perfect state for anabolism – burns that unnecessary fat and promotes lean muscle growth.

  • Fights The Effect Of Chronic Stress

So okay, it’s common bro fact that better sex life means a happier life. But despite that universal wisdom already mentioned, there is actually a science behind Tongkat Ali’s stress-busting abilities. A study indicates that daily intake of Tongkat Ali helps improve stress hormone profile therefore promoting mood enhancement. Studies in the recent past concluded that subjects who were suffering from moderate stress had a staggering 11% decrease in tension (well, I’m guessing, no hoping, that this study did not include sexual tension AKA as the good kind of tension), a 12% decrease in anger (because the only thing that’s supposed to be angry is Captain Manhood down there) and a 15% decrease in confusion. This is because there has also been a decrease in Cortisol by 16% and a 37% increase in testosterone.

Seriously, if there is a plant out there that deserves to be called the manliest, it should be Tongkat Ali. Mother Nature provides us one golden resource to help with our sex life and its potential is just beyond exponential. Sure, it does not promise to make us porn stars, but it makes us damn close to being one. It helps us get off better, makes our load thicker, not to mention the fact that regardless of age, it increases our rates of basically being sex gods, bringing our increased fertility a blessing. To add, it doesn’t hurt that it also helps us attain the demigod figure that all men deserve.