The contemporary Filipino man is no longer unconscious of his physique. He desires to look good and feel good, for himself, and for his woman. As the years passed, the notion of “Macho” does not only revolve around those who do manual labor as a profession, because the office guy, the professor, and the other many faces of the Filipino man desires to achieve a certain standard of looking good. In this day and age, being “magandang lalake” is definitely #goals for us men. #BalikAlindog is no longer a concept exclusive for the girls, because we also want to feel sexy.

While beauty still exists in many shapes and forms, we all desire to be in our best and healthiest state. For the skinny, building those chiseled abs, and a stronger, more sculpted Superman shoulders is an aspiration. For the chubby, losing the weight and toning the muscles is something we commonly work for. How do we accomplish that? Here are some tips to consider if want to build a leaner, more “gains worthy” muscle bod that we oh-so desire.

Consume Enough Calories

Anabolic state = more gains

Most people think that healthy diet and muscle building requires them to avoid rice at all cost. Most people are wrong. While increased protein intake is vital to one who is working out, enough calories should also be consumed to activate the body’s anabolic state, a condition that enables the body to build new muscle. A good rule of thumb for the calorie counters out there is to take your body weight, multiply by 10 and add an extra 1000 calories for good measure.

Eat A Lot Of Fat-The Good Ones

No, I do not mean the French fries and the burger, hands off there!!! What most people think is by completely restricting themselves in eating fat, they are doing their bodies justice. What we must realize is that fat actually helps in increasing testosterone levels, enabling our manly juices to flow and provide enough strength to battle the lethargy that slows us down from going to the gym, ultimately helping us grow these defined muscles that we long for.

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Increase Your Training Frequency

Twice a week just won’t cut it pal, as you are not maintaining – but building those lean muscles that you want to have. The increased exposure to training stimulus makes your body trigger muscle growth faster. And as you move from increasing training frequency to 4-5 times, do not also forget to also push your limits when doing your routines. 8-12 reps per routine are fine, but you might want to take that up a notch as you move along to increase strength and endurance.

Eat Frequently, But Control Your Intake

There is nothing wrong with eating 6 meals a day. Remember that your body needs enough nutrients to promote muscle growth. This means that whenever we rip our muscles, our body requires a lot of energy to build them back up. Control your portions and eat enough calories to sustain energy all throughout the day. Rice and pasta is recommended before working out to regulate blood sugar, and triggers the body to release more insulin, it’s most potent anabolic hormone.

Heavy Is Good; Focus On Lifting Exercises

Compound movements are recommended when working out those growing muscles. Do your squats, increase the weight on your deadlifts and overhead presses and isolate the target areas for an increased effectiveness in muscle building. Those biceps won’t magically appear if you don’t do your curls.

Take Enough Time To Recover Muscles

Get enough rest after a workout! You don’t want your body to just destroy itself. The key to good muscle building is to strike a balance between muscle deterioration and recovery. 6-8 hours of sleep is ideal, supplemented by the right food to promote faster muscle recovery.

Indeed, the Filipino man has fitness as one of his goals this 2017. Remember these good tips to make that dream a reality.