The Wonder Herb: Ginseng

Stressed?  Lacking mental and physical powers to power through the daily grind? Poor memory and energy levels? Then perhaps Ginseng can help.

We all want a more natural alternative to power our way through the hustle and bustle of our daily work load. While there are supplements out there that would promise fast and effective results, we are just too afraid to risk ourselves because its side effects can be detrimental to our over-all well-being and health. There is something to be said about finding the right supplement that can combat stress and provide good, clean energy for the body. With Ginseng, we get all the goods without worrying too much about damaging our kidneys and other important organs.

Ginseng is a variety of plants that have fleshy roots. There are 11 species that are classified as Ginseng. What is great about this humble plant is it is considered as an adaptogen – meaning that it has properties that helps you endure physical and mental stress. This plant is a very popular traditional medicine in America and Asia, and for good reason. Ginseng promotes improved mental power and concentration. It helps retain memory and also improves physical endurance. Another fascinating thing about ginseng is it is also used to help with depression and anxiety. Some variants of this wonder plant are considered natural cure for chronic stress while other species are well-known to enhance the body’s immune system, and even aid men with problems related to erectile dysfunction, fertility and sperm volume.

Energy Booster

Ginseng has components that help in boosting the body’s energy levels. Studies have shown that this plant helps in the stimulation of physical and mental activity among people who suffer from lethargy and chronic fatigue. Some cancer patients even use it after chemotherapy as the process takes away a lot of energy from the body.

Cognitive Enhancer

A lot of research has shown the beneficial effects of ginseng in boosting the brain’s thinking ability and mental functions. Some who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease would even opt to enhance their cognitive abilities with Ginseng and it has been proven to help in their mental performance.  Ginseng is usually used as a component along with other supplements to help boost thinking. Studies have shown good effects in those with ADHD when Gingko Biloba and Ginseng are combined.

Erectile Dysfunction

Particularly Tongkat Ali or Malaysian ginseng, this wonder herb helps people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction as it increases libido and men. It also helps boost testosterone levels in the body as well as promoting harder and longer erections in men. Tongkat Ali also helps with sperm quality, with an increase in volume, count and motility, ultimately resulting into a greater fertility for men.

Mood Lifter

Ginseng also has properties that help people who use it to relax and improve well-being, a study that was conducted at the Brain Performance and Nutrition Center in United Kingdom showed significant positive effects of Ginseng to those who took it for 8 days. What it proved is that Ginseng helped in making them calm and being faster in receiving mental arithmetic. Ginseng has also been proven useful in busting chronic stress.

Weight Loss Properties

Ginseng helps in making sure that the right gears in your body are oiled up to speed metabolism up, making you burn a lot of fat and at a faster rate than those who do not take Ginseng as a supplement. A study conducted at the Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research in Chicago pointed out the increase of Glucose tolerance in the body and also the decrease of blood sugar levels, which ultimately leads to weight loss as the body taps on its energy reserves when it runs out of sugar.

With the daily hustle and bustles of the work grind, chronic stress, physical and mental lethargy makes one easy to lose focus and get distracted when he tries to reach his personal goals. Of course, we do not want our own fatigue to get in the way of our own goals right? Ginseng is a wonderful supplement given by nature. It is a great alternative and a natural cure for stress and fatigue and introducing this as a food supplement can truly have great advantages for those who would use it.