Eurycoma Longifolia. Ali’s Walking Stick.  Ali’s Umbrella. Malaysian Ginseng.  Long Jack.  Bumi Batang. Cây bá bệnh. Pasak Bumi. Tho Nan. Wherever country you came from, however name you call it, you cannot deny the amazing wonders of nature’s manliest plant. Also known as Asian Viagra, Tongkat Ali perhaps is one of the most useful herbal supplements that you will ever come across with, when dealing with sex enhancement problems. What is Tongkat Ali, anyway? How does it work?

What Is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is an evergreen shrub that is native to Southeast Asian rainforests. The name of the plant literally means walking stick in Malay, because of the long, twisted roots that the plant has. The roots are the most essential part of the plant, as it is harvested because of its medicinal properties.

Uses Of Tongkat Ali

This herb is regarded as an aphrodisiac all over the world and is used as a remedy for sex-related problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low sex drive. The main reason behind this is the ability of Tongkat Ali to increase the level of testosterone in the blood. With that being said the extract is turning heads in the bodybuilding community because testosterone is also an essential factor in levels in gaining muscle mass faster. Testosterone also provides a means of increase in strength and energy in the body. When we get jacked up by testosterone, there is an increase ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) in the body. ATP basically is the ‘molecular unit of currency’, and an agent of intercellular energy transfer. ATP is pretty much in control for the body’s energy needs. More ATP is needed in high-intensity workouts as it is used much quicker than it is replaced.

Benefits of Tongkat Ali

  • Harder and longer lasting erections, and promotes penile growth
  • Improved endurance during high-intensity trainings
  • Amplified energy level available for use
  • Enhanced male fertility in men, as it improves the quality of semen, with thicker volume sperm concentration, count and motility
  • Increase in body’s testosterone levels, promoting muscle growth and body fat loss
  • Better state of well-being
  • Is an agent of anti-aging
  • Like any other substance, Tongkat Ali should only be taken in the right dosage. Not doing so can lead to side effects. Here are some guidelines to follow when taking it in.

Side Effects And Points To Consider When Taking Tongkat Ali In

For people with certain allergies and chronic illnesses, it would always be a good idea to talk to your physician first to get their go signal in taking supplements such as Tongkat Ali.

Because Tongkat Ali increases testosterone levels in the body, pregnant women should avoid taking it in as it may have side effects for the fetus (if the fetus happens to be female, there is a chance that exposure to testosterone may trigger the growth of a scrotum and a penis.). It is not advisable to have it be supplemented by people suffering from cancer, specifically of the prostate and breast as it promotes the growth of cancer cells. Testosterone also affects insulin production, so diabetics should stay away from the herb. For men with heart, kidney and liver disease, testosterone increase may damage these organs further.

Tongkat Ali has stimulant properties, and it becomes extra-potent when combined with other herbs. Restlessness, irritability, palpitation, increase in body temperature and insomnia are detrimental side effects of too much testosterone in the body.

Tongkat Ali is Mother Nature’s gift to men out there that seek help in making their sex lives better. It is a cheap, and a natural way of solving problems related to intimacy.  Improvement in erection and premature ejaculation definitely give us the sex drive enough for us to feel like porn stars, and that is always a good thing to feel, as your confidence also peaks. Tongkat Ali helps us increase our libido, improves our sperm quality, and helps increase our sexual endurance and performance. It basically makes us sex gods, as it helps improve our fertility.  Tongkat Ali is truly and in many ways, a wonder herb.